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Caterpillar Hosts “Match Day” for Interns

On May 30, Caterpillar held its first internship “Match Day.” Match Day is a new idea, crafted by Caterpillar, to place high school students into year-long cooperative education programs at Caterpillar’s many facilities, as well as several other local manufacturers. Match Day brought together facility managers with educators from several school districts. The goal of Match Day is to place high school students into manufacturing experiences, which allow them to earn high school credit from their experiences. Thirty-four students are expected to be placed, where they will work and learn as part of their schools’ cooperative education programs during the 2018-19 school year.

Match Day was led by Tiffany Curry and Greg Tomlins, both of Caterpillar. At the event, they both spoke of their passion for this project. Both have unrelated positions at Caterpillar, but were brought in to work with Caterpillar’s new Caterpillar Hiring Innovation Program (CHIP), which organized Match Day. They are part of a larger group of Caterpillar employees from diverse professional backgrounds that collaborated to spearhead this project in the beginning of 2018. CHIP’s first class was a one-semester experience the brought in seven students from Manual Academy in Peoria. Subsequent CHIP groups will participate for two semesters.

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